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went. >> reporter: abc2 first broke this story and was there has authorities gathered the evidence for this case, a case mostly involving the sale of drugs within a few blocks that police say caused a spike in violent crime. >> our hope is less of these individuals not only get bad guys off the street and makes our city safer but hopefully will lead to intelligence gathering, to other cases and other unsolved crimes. >> reporter: it would certainly be the icing on an already decent sized cake. they all cooperated on this three-month sting. there were drug buyer -- buys of
5:31 pm
heroin, crack and cocaine. >> although these individuals haven't been charged with the violence down there, they're contributing to the violence and are a driving force. >> reporter: police go on to point out that most of these suspects have long and violent criminal histories and pulling them out of the community should stabilize the area immediately. a targeted enforcement these authorities hope will stem the west baltimore crime search. in baltimore, brian kuebler, abc2 news. >> while this was originally developed as a state case, they will determine whether or not to bring stricter charges. >> continuing coverage of the issue of domestic violence and what our community is doing to stop it. lt. governor anthony brown held a news conference to launch the
5:32 pm
hospital-based domestic violence program at gbmc. they will house the program like this. they're already doing a lot to combat domestic violence, including the only sexual assault forensic exam program for victims 13 and old are. it's part of an executive order issued by governor martin o'malley mandating these programs. >> we brought everybody to the table and decided about two and half years ago let's expand. not by imposing them on hospitals but trying to bring together the resources so they could, as gbmc most recently did launch this program. >> fighting domestic violence is a personal battle for the lieutenant governor. abc2 first showed you a program used by police forces. it's a series of 13 questions
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that officers use to identify potential domestic abuse victims. traffic is moving again tonight in mt. vernon. early this week a break closed the area but tonight the department of public works opened the road. well, david petraeus, he resigned a week ago as cia director citing an afair. today he was behind closed doors answering questions. >> as karen travers reports, they're demanding answers on the attack in benghazi. >> reporter: he spoke before two congressional committees without being seen. they are demanding answers on what happened the night the
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consulate was attacked in beaningsky libya and what went wrong. he went to provide those answers. five days after the attack. u.s. ambassador susan rice said the attack was prompted by an antimuslim video that sparked an uprising in egypt. >> it seemed to be hijacked by individual clusters of extremists. >> reporter: the administration said that was based on intelligence that turned out to be wrong. >> as information came in information was put out. the information may not have always been right the first time. >> reporter: republican congressman peter king said he was satisfied with the ultimate conclusion petraeus reached. >> clearly believe this did in the arise out of a demonstration and was clear terrorist involvement. >> reporter: petraeus' appearance on the hill was the first since his resignation last
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week after an extra marital affair. it did not come up during benghazi but -- >> there was a little awkwardness. >> reporter: they say this provided them a better understanding of what happened. karen travers abc2 news, capitol hill. it's the third day of violence in the middle east. israel said it fired 150 missiles at the palestinians in gaza. they aren't taking any chances. a ground invasion could be next. >> we will continue to exercise self-restraint while defending our citizens against terrorism. >> the egyptian prime minister visited gaza and demanded that israel stop its latest offensive. the president sat down with congressional leaders to keep
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the company from jumping off that fiscal cliff. if congress does not act before the end of the year, spending cuts and tax increases will go into effect and will affect everyone. >> had a very constructive meeting. >> constructive meet huge constructive meeting. >> congress will recess for the holiday weekend. they said they will continue working. >> >> the resolution of some close races are giving democrats a bump in seats in congress. the party gained five seats since the election. the most recentcomming from a contest in california. three other races are too close to be called and a fourth will be settled in a december runoff. hotel rooms, you know,
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they're required to have smoke detectors to protect people. >> why a carbon monoxide detector has a real risk. >> he teaches at the naval academy but he's hoping to make big cash. >> weather wise today, some morning cloud cover and the sunshine out in force, still a chill in the air. will the weather hold. we'll talk about that from the other side of the break.
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experts feel investors were feeling secure. the dow jones industrial average rose 48 points. the nasdaq rose 17 to close at 2853 and the s&p 500 closed at 1360. you see smoke alarms in hotel rooms but do they need one for carbon monoxide detectors? hotels often don't have the
5:41 pm
detectors president the paper finds few states require them even though 1300 have been evacuated thanks to co scares. industry rest said the rest being -- risk isn't enough to justify them. oprah is getting into the game with a lean from salad dressing to beauty items. she has allied for patents on oprah's organics and oprah's harvest but that doesn't mean she will be making anything for sure. soldiers know that sleep can be hard to get by. why an abc show may be the text to get his business off the
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ground. >> forget turkey hotline. this year if you need help with that bird, go find an app. tips for being a tech know cook coming up. have a good night. here you go. you, too. i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership?
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what a couple of days. that november chill as stayed with us. now we're looking at a chilly neat. temperatures in the upper 40s, slowly falling through the 40s. i think we will and up in the 30s by daybreak. we'll be close to freezing, maybe not falling. sunset was early. the u.s. naval academy, always a dramatic view. they get struck by lightning when the weather is active, which is not. a few clouds early in bel air and then in the heart of harford county, the chill ever present. dundalk at ccbc on the campus,
5:46 pm
definitely a bright sunny one. the meteor shower will be over the weekend. you may be able to see a few streak across the sky. the ravens will be streaking across heinz field. it looks clear am pittsburgh, 40 at kickoff. i think weather will be a nonfactor in this first of two pittsburgh ravens games. upper 40s to low 40s. 45 in ocean city. north breeze, keeping the chill in the air. as we look at the overall setup, a couple of showers, toward calvert cliffs, down toward the tip of st. mary's county, a little bit of activity and now that out to see. clear across most of the east coast. we'll look for coastal weather
5:47 pm
to continue to brew but it looks like this will sit there and spin. even when it gets further north it heads out to sea. a relatively quiet scenario. look, no weather to the west. big high pressure dome, big dome of sink air over the northern part of new york state. that sinking air will keep us high and dry. there's that coastal system just sits there and churns and dry weather will be our theme through the end of the week. tonight down to 32, mostly clear. 53, mostly sunny as we turn milder. tomorrow night we tall to the mid-30s. things will be nice early on. the next few days, tough to complain, stays cool. it's colder than average. normally in the upper 50s to
5:48 pm
near 60, but otherwise a dry outlook. the chance for showers tuesday, a little disturbance could bring that. i think we'll be drying out. i remember back in the coast guard, that wednesday could be tough if you have so much as a rain shower. it looks like partly cloudy skies. so wherever your turkey travels take you, a breezy day. >> almost 60 on thanksgiving. that's not so bad. >> back to normal toward turkey day. >> you can take that post thanksgiving walk. >> good day for a turkey drive. >> all right. well, santa claus, you know, still busy on the north pole. >> one of his favorite elves, mike masco with the event. a lot of local families. it seems like there's a lot of
5:49 pm
folks ready to go. >> they are ready to go. the crowd went from a few people to, i'd say almost 100 plus people. look at that, we're all dressed up ready for christmas. it's hard to believe because we still have to get through thanksgiving and black friday. christmas on president horizon. it lightens that. game mi -- jamie costello just got here. we got a few friends. they're ready. i mean, they have the list. logan, what do we want for christmas? >> a four wheeler. >> what kind of four wheeler? >> a camel one. >> we have your sister savannah. what do you want for christmas? >> a dirt bike. >> wow. i want a dirt bike, too. what do you want for christmas?
5:50 pm
>> a house. >> and michael? >> a dirt bike. >> a dirt bike, too. dirt bike. we're down here in whitemarsh. we're bringing in the holiday early. they're already playing christmas music. let's go through thanksgiving. it's cold by the way. we'll take a look at the temperature. we'll be in the 40s but rapidly falling for tonight. if you want to come out here, you want to dress the part. in whitemarsh live on the go. we'll send it back to you guys. >> i want a dirt bike now. >> i want a dirt bike. those things tend to spread. one kid says it and others say it. if you can't make it out for tonight's festivities, we've glt you covered. head to and check
5:51 pm
out the familied fromly activities. all right. we've got a sneak peek of tonight's hit show ?ark ?ark -- shark tank. >> here's a man who wants to try to help people serving in afghanistan come up with a way to stop nodding off at the worst time. >> winning the troops over in no handing out two sips and a bottle and you won't blink. a ruckus uses it, exactly what they need and nothing else. today in annapolis, ready to share his energy in a bottled story. >> if you're shaky with caffeine, that's not good for a sniper. >> what we cared about is being tired anymore. we cared about being mentally
5:52 pm
sharp after being up. >> he has 10 to 12 military families invested. he was going slow so he needed to go on shark tank. >> i had to dig into my military training. >> reporter: there's only 6 million watching. >> i could tell you but you'll lose the camera, the footage. >> reporter: the major said he's giving us a promotion this we deserve. >> jesh's -- everybody's got a battle to win. >> major rob in charge of keeping america alert. now watch the lefthand side of your screen. the major is already a superstar. people are already catching on to his new ruck pack. >> now if major rob can beat the enemy, he can certainly talk up
5:53 pm
to the sharks. it's the only caffeine free nutritional shot created on the battlefield. it's loaded with essential vitamins. you can order it on line. shark tank is on tonight at 9:00 on abc2. coming up at 6, you can never be too prepared for snow. the mayor is telling us what to do so you will be ready when winter weather hits. >> it's a product that's been around for decades, the twimpg kyes -- twinkies. it may be gone forever. now a preview of what's ahead on world news at 6:30. a man who could save you from any anxiety on thanksgiving day, surprising funny, helpful things you must never ever do.
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maybe you're a seasoned holiday cook. >> everyone wants their thanksgiving meal to taste great, but how about making it easy on the chef. there's an app for that. >> with those hosting a thanksgiving meal, give thanks to some apps. the menu make per app does just what it implies. recipes range from starters to desserts. create a shopping list of ingredients and make a list of what to buy and cook when.
5:58 pm
there's even a thanksgiving 911 feature. cooks tackling turkeys can try the chow coach. it has step by step instructions for the most popular dishes. the thanksgiving press is app for android also includes instructions for the main dish and many traditional sides. turkey titan butterball takes it high tech with a cook back plus app. in addition to answering questions, there are how to and instructional videos. the app even responds to voice commands. i'm karen kay a -- karin caifa abc2 news. >> parents hoping to get new wii can expect to fight it out. there may be a shortage because nintendo got a late start on production. the city is gearing up for
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winter weather. >> that story and lot more at 6:00 which starts right now. >> a deadly car crash kills one man and puts two others in the hospital. what police are saying. >> an anne arundel teacher removed from the classroom, what the board of education is saying. >> and palm scanning technology allows carroll county students to pay for their lunch. why the policy is now under review. a teacher at broad neck high school has been relieved of her duties. not only was she a teach are but she -- teacher, but she coached. >> reporter: the board reassigned erin thorn while the

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